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Exercising your dog

Just like Humans need exercise, so do dogs. Most dogs love eat best senior dog food and after that they have loads of energy and they need to burn it off. It’s the owner’s job to ensure that a dog gets the necessary amount of exercise needed to maintain a healthy and long life.

The best kind of exercise for a dog is one that engages the mind and the body. Activities such as fetch or wrestling can be very engaging and these types of activities enhance a dog’s quality of life and a human environment.

In the long run, exercise can help your dog maintain strong bones and muscle as they begin to mature.

Remember to keep the exercise moderate sometimes to much or too aggressive exercise can be “too much of a good thing”. It’s important for the dog to remain healthy and exercise will contribute to a long and healthy life. Aggressive exercise such as having the dog jump to great heights over and over again can cause strain to the hip and knee joints and later lead to arthritis or other problems.

Try as much as possible to keep variety in the dogs daily exercise regime this will ensure a happy and healthy dog. However, with everyone leading such busy lives now days, even a good walk twice a day on different routes will do wonders for your dog.

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Dog Nutrition

Dog food is for dogs and human food is for humans. How often does the dog come begging at the table for some leftover scraps from dinner, or starts nosing in the garbage when he can.

It’s important to avoid feeding your dog your scraps at the end of dinner or sharing a sandwich with him. This can seriously affect his nutrition and health.

When it’s time for the family to sit down and have dinner feed the dog his dog food at the same time. This will ensure that he will be eating his own food and not trying to share yours. This is also an etiquette issue if you have company over and Rover is begging right next to them. This doesn’t leave a good impression on the guest and can cause you some embarrassment also. Nobody likes to have a dog breathing on them when they are trying to eat.

Some human food items may be approved to maintain a nutritious diet such as peanut butter or some vegetables, but check with your veterinarian first to ensure you are providing you dog with all the nutrients he needs on a daily basis to remain healthy and strong.

With all of the different types of dog foods and dog treats on the market today there is simply no reason your dogs nutrition needs to be in jeopardy.

Cat Health Care

If you’re a cat lover you are already aware that cats have a tendency to be a little lazy and love to sleep most of the time. That’s why a cat’s health care is crucial. If a cat is an outdoor cat their health is more manageable because they are usually getting a lot of exercise climbing trees, pouncing and running around.

For a strictly indoor cat this may not be the case. The owner may need to take a stronger role in ensuring your indoor cat’s health is intact and enough stimulation is provided to keep your pet healthy and strong. Play with your cat each day for a little while.

Another good way to keep your indoor cat stimulated is to give them some catnip.

Catnip, Catmint

Most cats love the smell of catnip and we know this is a good for our less active cats to get some exercise. Keep in mind that some cats are just not attracted to the Catnip plant they don’t carry the gene for it. Catnip is completely harmless to the cat so give it to your cat as often as you wish. You can also dry the catnip plant out, grind the leaves and freeze it for later use.

If you have more than one cat they can be good contributors in keeping the cat healthy and strong because they will chase one another and wrestle with each other.

Another important component of your pet’s health care is ensuring your cat has proper nutrition. Sometimes indoor cats can tend to become over weight so ensuring that they are fed correctly is important.

As with dogs the same is true for cats, don’t feed them human food. The idea of feeding your cat milk is a myth. A small plate occasionally doesn’t hurt your pet’s health and of coarse they love it. But consistently feeding your cat milk on a daily basis can be harmful to their health.

A good cat food and water and occasionally treats designed for cats is all that is required for your pet’s health and care.

Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet.

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